Big Shot Boxing

Colin Lane Games AB3.9590,378 votes

Big Shot Boxing is a boxing game where you have to fight your way up the rankings to end your career in the boxing Hall of Fame! Start out by choosing a fighter, hire a coach, and learn some moves. Hit your opponent with a jab, cross or uppercut and make sure to keep your guard up. Throw out a nice combination to stun your opponent. Win either by scoring the most points, or by a knockout! Make your way up the ladder and make sure to train your skills along the way, like your health, power, chin and recovery. When going down in a fight, you have 10 seconds to recover. Earn some money to customize your character his gloves, shorts and boots. There are also multiple achievements for you to unlock by winning matches, gaining titles, and defending your title. Will you make it to the Hall of Fame? 


Right arrow - jab
Left arrow - cross
X - uppercut
Z - block

About the creator: 

Big Shot Boxing was created by Colin Lane. He is known for his other games: Wrassling, Dunkers, Dunkers 2 , Touchdowners, Knight Brawl, Battle Golf and many more! They are all are playable on Poki!