Stickman Dragon Fight

PEGASUS4.3569,260 votes

Stickman Dragon Fight is an action fight game where players get to play all kinds of power heroes combating evil forces! It is never easy to fight against evil! During the fight, you need to move swiftly, dodge and block enemy attacks, power your ki, and use 3 advanced attack skills tailored for every hero! The game contains 3 modes:

  • Story mode: Embark on an epic journey to discover the world while chasing your enemies! The more you fight, the closer you are to the truth of the world.
  • Versus mode: You can team up with other 2 heroes to fight against another team. Time to test your abilities and skills!
  • Tournament mode: You and your team will face other 15 teams to fight for the ultimate victory.
Choose your heroes and start your battle today!

How to play Stickman Dragon Fight?

  • Move: A/D
  • Attack: Space bar
  • Block: B
  • Dash: F
  • Charge: Z
  • Special Ki: Q/W/R
  • Transform: S

Who created Stickman Dragon Fight?

Stickman Dragon Fight is created by PEGASUS. Play their other games on Poki: Cat Gunner: Super Zombie Shoot,, Stickman Go and Stickman Escape!

How can I play Stickman Dragon Fight for free?

You can play Stickman Dragon Fight for free on Poki.

Can I play Stickman Dragon Fight on mobile devices and desktop?

Stickman Dragon Fight can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.