Olly the Paw

7Spot Games4.540,476 votes

Olly the Paw is an idle game where you get to be a cute bear on a quest to repair an airplane! To restore the aircraft piece by piece, you must earn enough coins to unlock various areas and find the lost manuals. Starting with the apples you picked up from the trees, you can sell various fruits and food like blueberries and honey to the rich reindeer for money. If you provide enough materials to the Panda chef, you'll receive delightful desserts to sell. Enhance your skills at the mole's place and ask for help from lovely foxes if you want! Can you successfully gather all the pieces and mend the airplane back together?

How to play Olly the Paw?

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, or simply click and hold your mouse to point where you want to go!

Who created Olly the Paw?

Olly the Paw is created by 7SpotGames. They have other collaborative fun games and skill games on Poki: Cow Bay, Lands of Blight, Ninja Mouse, BoxRob, BoxRob 2, BoxRob 3, Moving Truck: Bounty, Moving Truck: Construction, Moving Truck, Duo Survival, Duo Survival 2, Duo Vikings, Duo Vikings 2, Duo Vikings 3, ZomboTag, ZOOM-BE, ZOOM-BE 2, ZOOM-BE 3, Truck Loader, Truck Loader 4, and Truck Loader 5!

How can I play Olly the Paw for free?

You can play Olly the Paw for free on Poki.

Can I play Olly the Paw on mobile devices and desktop?

Olly the Paw can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.