Fish Eat Fish

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This is a game for one, two and three players. You have to eat other fish with your fish and grow by doing so! The more your fish grows, the more gems you'll get. Swap the gems for items. Restore the reef after a shark attack.

What is Fish Eat Fish about?

After a shark 🦈 attack, the reef is empty... No more beloved rocks or algae. Three friendly fish, the Ivi 🐟, Neo 🐠, and Tod🐡 decided that when they grow up, they'll earn lots of gems and restore and protect the reef by installing an ancient artefact of the Black Sea: the Head of the Stone Golem 🗿.

How many players can play Fish Eat Fish?

This game can be played solo, in pairs, and in threes.

  • Player 1 controls the yellow and purple Ivi 🐟. Buttons: WASD.
  • Player 2 controls the orange and white Neo 🐠. Buttons: arrow keys. This fish looks like the main character of Finding Nemo.
  • Player 3 controls the red and blue Tod🐡. Buttons: UHJK or mouse.

Fish Eat Fish game strategy

  • Hunt and eat fish that are smaller than your fish.
  • Grow as big a fish as possible in exchange for gem rewards.
  • Buy plants, inhabitants, or items from the Shop and rebuild the reef.

Warning: No one can eat sea mines!

Who created Fish Eat Fish?

Fish Eat Fish is created by Indiesoft, a game developer based in Belarus. Play their other addictively cute puzzle games on Poki: Puffy Cat, Puffy Cat 2 and Mahjong Cards

Can I play Fish Eat Fish on mobile or desktop?

Fish Eat Fish is playable both on your desktop and on your mobile phone for free on Poki.