Robert Alvarez4.0148,478 votes

Plactions is a puzzle platform game where you have limited actions to go through the obstacles and finish the level. Jump, dash, toggle lasers, flip gravity, and teleport to navigate your way to the exit in each level. Plactions mixes platforming, puzzles and time attack in a smart way and offers an unparalleled puzzle experience. Don't forget to share it with your friends and see who can finish the game faster!

How to play Plactions?

  • Move - A & D or Left & Right arrow
  • Interact - W, Space bar or Up arrow
  • Reset - R
  • Back - ESC or B

Who created Plactions?

Plactions is created by Robert Alvarez. They have other thinking games on Poki: Big Tall Small, Teleport Jumper, Block Toggle, Isotiles, Chessformer and Resizer